Multideck Displays

Multideck Displays for Industrial Refrigeration

Multideck industrial refrigeration units are found in most retail outlets in some form, whether it is a grocery store or local specialty foods location. They are a highly popular way to display and store chilled and frozen food items without compromising their integrity.

At Harry Dunlop, we offer a wide variety of multideck display units from the top manufacturers, including Pastorfrigor. Our team can help you find the right unit that meets your aesthetics, size and performance needs.

To order your multideck industrial refrigerator from Harry Dunlop, call us on our freephone 0808 100 4008 or request a call back.

Choose From a Variety of Multideck Options

Multidecks are highly functional and allow you to display maximum inventory at a single time. They are perfect for stock rotations as well. Just some of the features you can expect to find include:

  • Multiple Lengths – Find the right size multi-deck for your facility. From the Pastorfrigor Venezia that comes in four separate lengths to the Roma model that features up to 2500 mm in length and 2400 mm in height, there is an industrial refrigeration unit size that will suit your existing space.
  • Quality and Reliability – These multidecks are constructed using the best stainless steel materials and feature the strongest designs for maximum lifespan.
  • Unrivalled Temperature Performance – Enjoy precision climate control so that your meats, deli items and dairy products are chilled to just the right temperature without risk of spoilage or freezing while in the display case.
  • Energy Efficiency – These units feature innovative lighting control, clean cooling and emit only a fraction of heat output to make your facility more energy-efficient.
  • Hygiene and Safety – The fully removable shelves and supports allow you to frequently clean your display cabinet for maximum sanitization. The brushed stainless steel finish also makes cleaning the exterior of your unit quick and easy.

Pastorfrigor Models Carried by Harry Dunlop

We carry the Pastorfrigor models of multideck refrigerator units. Just some of the models you can expect to find include:

  • Venezia
  • Verona
  • Roma
  • Venezia Basso
  • Venezia Roll-In

Each unit features multiple module lengths, widths, depths and heights as well as lighting and temperature control options so that you can find the perfect multideck for your business.

If you are not sure which multideck industrial refrigeration display is right for your operations or you want to learn more about our maintenance and service plans, contact the team at Harry Dunlop. Give us a call on 0808 100 4008 or request more information online.

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