Plug-In Cabinet Displays

Plug-In Cabinets for Commercial Refrigeration

At Harry Dunlop, we offer a wide variety of plug-in commercial refrigeration cabinets from leading brands in the industry. Our team will recommend a product that suits your application or specifications and deliver a reliable refrigeration unit for your operations.

To see the full line of plug-in refrigerator cabinets from Harry Dunlop, call us on our freephone 0808 100 4008 or request a call back.

Features of the Plug-In Cabinets

Plug-in units are portable and can change as your store’s display needs change. As a refrigerated cabinet model, they are specifically designed for display and the sale of meats, sausages, pastries, dairy products and other low-temperature products.

Our plug-in cabinet models come in five linear modules and four curved corner options so that you can find the right unit to fit your space. Just some of the features you will find include:

  • Superior Lighting – Fully illuminate your display case so that every corner of the display area is exposed with attractive lighting.
  • Back Access – Access your display unit from the back so that you can more adequately rotate the product.
  • Front Bumper – Avoid scratches and scrapes with a front bumper affixed around the front edges. Made from stainless steel to hold up to even the harshest environments.
  • Innovative Temperature Control – Keep your display case at the temperature you need using the electronic temperature control board and light regulation units.
  • Multiple Models – We have a variety of models to suit every deli and store space. These units also come in a variety of colours so that you can keep up your store’s appearance while offering excellent display refrigeration.

At Harry Dunlop, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the display cases and products they need to make their business shine.

Quality Service for Your Plug-In Cabinet

If your plug-in cabinet is no longer functioning as it should or you think it is due for maintenance, contact the team at Harry Dunlop to enquire about our maintenance and service for commercial refrigeration units. We have fast, reliable call-out service year-round and if your unit is still covered under warranty, we can work out the details with the manufacturer.

If you are not sure which display case model is right for you or you would like to get started on an order, contact the team at Harry Dunlop. Give us a call on 0808 100 4008 or request more information online.

We are proud to offer Pastorfrigor and Pastorkalt plug-in units to all customers needing commercial refrigeration equipment, including plug-in cabinets.

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