Semi-Vertical Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets from Harry Dunlop

Maintaining proper temperature for your food products is important. After all, you only want to offer your patrons and customers the highest quality, freshest products on the market. At Harry Dunlop, we offer a variety of semi-vertical commercial refrigeration cabinets that help you preserve the integrity of your products while giving you maximum storage capacity.

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Benefits of a Semi-Vertical Commercial Refrigerator

Semi-vertical refrigerators are unique. They offer lower level displays as well as shelving that are graduated to help you better show your products and increase self-serving in your restaurant or deli. These cabinets come with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Multiple Lengths – You can choose between module lengths of 1250, 1875, 2500 and 3750mm to find the perfect length for your space. You can also choose suitable heights ranging from 1300 to 1600mm and depths ranging from 1000 to 1100mm.
  • Excellent Climate Control – These units are specifically designed to meet or exceed European Rule UNI EN ISO 23953-2 to ensure 25 degrees Celsius and 60 percent relative humidity.
  • Water Outlets – Enjoy a double water outlet that allows you to easily maintain and clean your unit.
  • Shelving – These vertical storage units feature movable/adjustable shelves, price-holder places and are made from non-toxic plastic material. They can be easily removed for quick clean-up. The front body also features a price-holder so that you can display product information.
  • Lighting – Enjoy top canopy lighting with a single neon tube line and reflecting parabola to showcase all of your products regardless of where they are in the display case.
  • Easy to Load and Unload – Unlike full vertical cabinets, these semi-vertical units are easier to load and unload with products. Stock rotations also become easier because everything is at eye level and you can quickly swap your stock without missing out-of-reach items.
  • Durable Stainless Steel – With the brushed stainless steel exterior, you can wipe up spills and smudges. Because of their durable finish and bumpers, you can also ensure your unit will be free from dings.

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