Specialist Serve Over Displays

Specialist Serve Over Displays with Your Industrial Refrigerator

Harry Dunlop offers industrial refrigerator serve over counter modules made by Pastorfrigor and other leading manufacturers. These units are designed for the display and sale of meats, sausages, cheese, other dairy products, pastries and temperatures that require low temperatures. With the serve over feature, you can operate a full-service counter or meat service on the other side, while still allowing customers full view of the products they are purchasing.

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Features of the Pure Serve Over Displays

Pure serve over industrial refrigeration units feature a counter and display cabinet. They can be combined with other units to create as extensive a display as your company or food service establishment needs. Just some features you will find with these pure serve over displays include:

  • Climatic Performance – Enjoy superior climate and temperature control with an electronic control panel. All units come with anti-mist ventilation so that you do not have to worry about humidity or fogging inside the cabinet.
  • Superior Lighting – Show off your products with great lighting that is supplied by two neon tube lines for maximum visibility. These lights are designed to illuminate the entire display cabinet so that even the items located in the back are easily spotted by customers.
  • Multiple Styles – Harry Dunlop carries a large variety of display cabinet styles that include concaved fronts, flat displays and numerous display plate styles so that you can find the perfect serve over unit for your facility. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes right here at Harry Dunlop.
  • Durable Stainless Steel – All serve over displays feature durable, high-quality stainless steel and superior manufacturing. The glass fronts are attractive and easy to maintain, while the spherical corners give your unit the appearance of more space.

Models Carried by Harry Dunlop

We are proud to carry the Pastofrigor brand of serve over display industrial refrigeration units. Just some of the models you can expect to find from us include:

  • King
  • Isola King
  • Alpha Project
  • Synus
  • President
  • Sphera Modulo President
  • Diamond
  • Firenze
  • Lucca
  • Pisa

Each style is available in multiple lengths and spherical corners so that you can find a unit that perfectly fits into your existing space.

If you are not sure which serve over model is right for you or you would like to get started on an order, contact the team at Harry Dunlop. Give us a call on 0808 100 4008 or request more information online.

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