Why should you service your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment?

The answer is very simple – the better maintained your equipment is, the lesser your running costs will be.

This is broken down into 2 defined costs

1. Reduced electrical costs daily

2. Reduced chance of breakdown with subsequent replacement of parts and equipment downtime = reduced sales and profit

1. How does regularly serviced equipment = reduced electrical costs daily

Easy! refrigeration and air conditioning strive to achieve a set temperature . The longer it takes to achieve this temperature , the greater the electricity usage. The better maintained your equipment the quicker this will happen.

2. If you do not have regular services, then your equipment is working harder to achieve the desired temperatures so the various component parts will be working harder and reducing their life span. Therefore these parts will fail sooner and usually at the most inappropriate times.This can lead to downtime while waiting on parts and equipment being redundant as a result.

When we are servicing your equipment we can foresee some of these potential failures and prevent expensive downtime and call out charges.

There are various service plans available we can discuss to suit your requirements from bi-annual , quarterly , labour inclusive to all inclusive.We have one to suit every need.

Consider this ,refrigeration runs 24/7 compared to a family car being used 2 or 3 hours a day – would you ever think of not servicing your family car?